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 Ducting, Laser Cutting, Welding, Fabrication, Guillotining, Brake Press, Folding, Metal Sheet in Stock, Light Ducting, Heavy Ducting, Metal Sheet Rolling, Metal Finishing, Powder Coating, Plating, Assembly, Installation
 Ducting, Laser Cutting, Welding, Fabrication, Guillotining, Brake Press, Folding, Metal Sheet in Stock, Light Ducting, Heavy Ducting, Metal Sheet Rolling, Metal Finishing, Powder Coating, Plating, Assembly, Installation

Our Services

At CP Metal Fabrication, we provide a comprehensive range of services to meet all your metalworking needs. We offer laser cutting, welding, on site installation, guillotining, press brake and have metal in stock on site so that our clients can be sure their projects are completed in the most efficient manner. Our experienced team ensures that each and every job is completed to the highest standards.


CP Metal Fabrication have a trusted team of workers with over 60 years of experience. Over that time we have built up a solid reputation for high quality fabrication for a wide range of customers. We work with all metals from 0.55mm to 60mm and have the machinery to satisfy your requirements, making CP Metal Fabrication your one stop fabrication shop.

Straight Pipes, Straight Pipes Stainless Steel, Straight Pipes Mild Steel, Straight Pipes Galvanised Steel, Straight Pipes AluZinc, Straight Pipes Aluminium, Straight Pipes 3CR12, Straight Duct, Straight Duct Stainless Steel, Straight Duct Mild Steel, Straight Duct Galvanised Steel, Straight Duct AluZinc, Straight Duct Aluminium, Straight Duct 3CR12, Branch Pieces, Branch Pieces Stainless Steel, Branch Pieces Mild Steel, Branch Pieces Galvanised Steel, Branch Pieces AluZinc, Branch Pieces Aluminium, Branch Pieces 3CR12, Double Branch Pieces, Double Branch Pieces Stainless Steel, Double Branch Pieces Mild Steel, Double Branch Pieces Galvanised Steel, Double Branch Pieces AluZinc, Double Branch Pieces Aluminium, Double Branch Pieces 3CR12, Reducers, Reducers Stainless Steel, Reducers Mild Steel, Reducers Galvanised Steel, Reducers AluZinc, Reducers Aluminium, Reducers 3CR12, Y Pieces, Y Pieces Stainless Steel, Y Pieces Mild Steel, Y Pieces Galvanised Steel, Y Pieces AluZinc, Y Pieces Aluminium, Y Pieces 3CR12, T Pieces, T Pieces Stainless Steel, T Pieces Mild Steel, T Pieces Galvanised Steel, T Pieces AluZinc, T Pieces Aluminium, T Pieces 3CR12, Ends Caps, End Caps Stainless Steel, End Caps Mild Steel, End Caps Galvanised Steel, End Caps AluZinc, End Caps Aluminium, End Caps 3CR12, Duct Entries, Duct Entries Stainless Steel, Duct Entries Mild Steel, Duct Entries Galvanised Steel, Duct Entries AluZinc, Duct Entries Aluminium, Duct Entries 3CR12, Jet Cowls, Jet Cowls Stainless Steel, Jet Cowls Mild Steel, Jet Cowls Galvanised Steel, Jet Cowls AluZinc, Jet Cowls Aluminium, Jet Cowls 3CR12, Fishtails, Fishtails Stainless Steel, Fishtails Mild Steel, Fishtails Galvanised Steel, Fishtails AluZinc, Fishtails Aluminium, Fishtails 3CR12, Stands, Stands Stainless Steel, Stands Mild Steel, Stands Galvanised Steel, Stands AluZinc, Stands Aluminium, Stands 3CR12, Silencers, Silencers Stainless Steel, Silencers Mild Steel, Silencers Galvanised Steel, Silencers AluZinc, Silencers Aluminium, Silencers 3CR12,  Spark Arrestors, Spark Arrestors Stainless Steel, Spark Arrestors Mild Steel, Spark Arrestors Galvanised Steel, Spark Arrestors AluZinc, Spark Arrestors Aluminium, Spark Arrestors 3CR12, Wall Flashings, Wall Flashings Stainless Steel, Wall Flashings Mild Steel, Wall Flashings Galvanised Steel, Wall Flashings AluZinc, Wall Flashings Aluminium, Wall Flashings 3CR12, Butterfly Dampers, Butterfly Dampers Stainless Steel, Butterfly Dampers Mild Steel, Butterfly Dampers Galvanised Steel, Butterfly Dampers AluZinc, Butterfly Dampers Aluminium, Butterfly Dampers 3CR12, Slide Dampers, Slide Dampers Stainless Steel, Slide Dampers Mild Steel, Slide Dampers Galvanised Steel, Slide Dampers AluZinc, Slide Dampers Aluminium, Slide Dampers 3CR12, Yoke Brackets, Yoke Brackets Stainless Steel, Yoke Brackets Mild Steel, Yoke Brackets Galvanised Steel, Yoke Brackets AluZinc, Yoke Brackets Aluminium, Yoke Brackets 3CR12, Horseshoe Brackets, Horseshoe Brackets Stainless Steel, Horseshoe Brackets Mild Steel, Horseshoe Brackets Galvanised Steel, Horseshoe Brackets AluZinc, Horseshoe Brackets Aluminium, Horseshoe Brackets 3CR12, Split Brackets, Split Brackets Stainless Steel, Split Brackets Mild Steel, Split Brackets Galvanised Steel, Split Brackets AluZinc, Split Brackets Aluminium, Split Brackets 3CR12, Exhaust Hoods, Exhaust Hoods Stainless Steel, Exhaust Hoods Mild Steel, Exhaust Hoods Galvanised Steel, Exhaust Hoods AluZinc, Exhaust Hoods Aluminium, Exhaust Hoods 3CR12, Bends, Bends Stainless Steel, Bends Mild Steel, Bends Galvanised Steel, Bends AluZinc, Bends Aluminium, Bends 3CR12, Chutes, Chutes Stainless Steel, Chutes Mild Steel, Chutes Galvanised Steel, Chutes AluZinc, Chutes Aluminium, Chutes 3CR12, Ducting, Laser Cutting, Welding, Fabrication, Guillotining, Brake Press, Folding, Metal Sheet in Stock, Light Ducting, Heavy Ducting, Metal Sheet Rolling, Metal Finishing, Powder Coating, Plating, Assembly, Installation
Assorted fabricated ducting made of Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvinised Steel, AluZinc, Aluminium or 3CR12.

What Our Customers Say

"CP Metal Fabrication has provided quality fabrication and great support to Minco Tech Australia for over 30 years."

Damien Good
Purchasing Manager
Minco Tech Australia

CP Metal Fabrication in Brisbane

Metal Fabrication in Brisbane - CP Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a vital industry in Brisbane and CP Metal Fabrication is a company known in the industry for decades for great craftmanship and excellent customer service. Metal fabrication involves a range of processes used to design, shape and assemble metal structures and products. With a strong industrial base, Brisbane boasts numerous companies specialising in various types of metal fabrication. These services cater to a wide array of industries including construction, automotive, aerospace and many others.

Custom Metal Fabrication Brisbane

Custom metal fabrication refers to the creation of unique metal products tailored to specific client requirements. This process involves a combination of techniques such as cutting, bending, welding and assembly. Custom fabricators work closely with clients to bring their concepts to life, offering bespoke solutions that standard production lines can't provide. CP Metal Fabrication use their laser cutting machine to ensure maximum use of materials is achieved in a quick manner maximising productivity.

Key Services in Custom Metal Fabrication

  • Design and Prototyping: Custom fabricators often start with a design phase, where ideas are transformed into practical designs and prototypes.

  • Material Selection: Depending on the application fabricators will choose appropriate materials, including various grades of steel and aluminium.

  • Fabrication Techniques: Techniques suc as laser cutting, precision machining and advanced welding are employed to ensure high-quality results.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Brisbane

Sheet metal fabrication is a subset of metal fabrication focusing on thin sheets of metal. In Brisbane this service is commonly used in creating components for the mining industry, construction industry, automotive parts, fume and dust ducting and HVAC systems.

What Are The Processes in Sheet Metal Fabrication?

  • Cutting and Bending: Advanced machinery is used for precise cutting and bending of sheet metal.

  • Joining and Finishing: Techniques like riveting, welding and various finishing processes are applied to enhance the durability and appearance of the final product.

Steel Fabrication Brisbane

Steel fabrication is a cornerstone of Brisbane's metal fabrication industry. It involves the transformation of raw steel into predefined shapes and structures, often used in construction and heavy machinery.

What Are Common Steel Fabrication Techniques?

  • Structural Steelwork: Creating beams, frames and other structures for buildings and infrastructure.

  • Machining: Cutting, drilling and shaping steel components for various applications.

Stainless Steel Fabrication Brisbane

Stainless steel fabrication is a specialised area, focusing on products that require corrosion resistance and a high level of durability. This is particularly relevant in industries such as food processing, medical equipment and marine applications.

What Are The Advantages of Stainless Steel Fabrication?

  • Corrosion Resistance: Ideal for harsh environments and applications where hygiene is a priority.

  • Strength and Durability: Stainless steel maintains its integrity over a long period, even under stress.

Brisbane Steel Fabricators

CP Metal Fabrication is known for its expertise and capacity to handle projects of varying scales and complexities for customers in Brisbane and around the world. From large custom jobs to large industrial projects, our team ensures high-quality standards and adherence to safety regulations.

Industry Certification and Standards

  • Quality Assurance: CP Metal Fabrication ensures consistent quality in their products and services.

  • Safety Standards: Compliance with safety standards is paramount, particularly in industries like construction and mining.

Metal fabrication in Brisbane represents a dynamic and essential sector, CP Metal Fabrication is at the forefront of this sector and is vital to the city's economy and the broader Australian market. With a focus on custom solutions, advanced techniques and adherence to quality and safety standards Brisbane's CP Metal Fabrication continues to meet the growing demands of diverse industries. Whether it is custom metal fabrication, sheet metal work or specialised stainless steel projects, CP Metal Fabrication is ready to deliver high-quality, durable and innovative metal products.

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