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Branch Pieces

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Branch pieces are critical components in fume and dust ducting systems, facilitating the efficient distribution of airflow to various points within an industrial facility. These pieces, also known as branch fittings or branch tees, are designed to split or divert the main duct into smaller branches, ensuring that contaminants are captured, transported, and controlled effectively. In Brisbane and Queensland (QLD), CP Metal Fabrication stands out as the best option for branch pieces and related fabrication needs due to their expertise, quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

What is the Importance of Branch Pieces in Fume and Dust Ducting Systems?

Branch pieces serve several important functions within fume and dust ducting systems:

  • Distribution of Airflow in Ducting Systems: In industrial processes, contaminants and particulate matter are often generated at multiple locations. Branch pieces enable the distribution of airflow to these different points, ensuring that all sources of pollutants are adequately captured and conveyed to the appropriate filtration or disposal systems.

  • Customised Ducting Systems: Industrial facilities vary greatly in terms of layout and equipment. Branch pieces can be customised to suit the specific requirements of each application, whether it involves redirecting airflow around obstacles, accommodating machinery, or adapting to unique spatial constraints. CP Metal Fabrication excels in providing tailor-made solutions to meet these diverse needs.

  • Efficiency: Properly designed and fabricated branch pieces help maintain uniform airflow velocity and pressure throughout the ducting system. This uniformity optimises the efficiency of dust and fume collection, preventing issues like imbalances, backflow, or poor capture performance.

  • Contaminant Control in Fume and Dust Ducting Systems: Effective distribution of airflow ensures that contaminants are captured at the source, minimising the risk of environmental pollution and exposure to hazardous substances. Branch pieces play a pivotal role in safeguarding the health and safety of workers while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.


CP Metal Fabrication is the Best Choice for Fume and Dust Ducting In Brisbane and Queensland

CP Metal Fabrication stands out as the best option for branch pieces and related fabrication needs in Brisbane and QLD for several compelling reasons:

  • Expertise and Experience: With a team of seasoned professionals specialising in metal fabrication and ductwork, CP Metal Fabrication brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Their knowledge enables them to design and manufacture branch pieces that meet the unique demands of each project.

  • Customisation: CP Metal Fabrication understands that one size does not fit all in industrial applications. They excel in crafting branch pieces that are tailored to the specific requirements of each client, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

  • High-Quality Materials: The durability and longevity of branch pieces are heavily dependent on the materials used. CP Metal Fabrication sources top-quality materials, including corrosion-resistant alloys and robust steel, to ensure that their products can withstand harsh industrial environments.

  • Compliance and Safety: CP Metal Fabrication prioritises safety and compliance in their fabrication processes. Their branch pieces are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry regulations, guaranteeing the safety of personnel and environmental protection.

  • Timely Delivery: In industrial projects, time is of the essence. CP Metal Fabrication is known for their commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering projects on schedule. This reliability helps businesses minimise downtime and maintain productivity.

  • Competitive Pricing: While providing exceptional quality and service, CP Metal Fabrication remains competitive in terms of pricing. Their cost-effective solutions make them a top choice for businesses seeking value and efficiency.

Branch pieces are indispensable components in fume and dust ducting systems, and selecting the right supplier is crucial. CP Metal Fabrication's expertise, customisation capabilities, dedication to safety, and competitive pricing make them the best option for branch pieces and related fabrication needs in Brisbane and QLD. Their commitment to excellence ensures that your fume and dust control systems will perform efficiently and reliably for years to come, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance.

At CP Metal Fabrication we fabricate duct in any and all diameters, thicknesses and materials to suit your requirements. Ends can be flanged, turned out, or raw. 

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