Our welding capabilities are many and varied from MIG to TIG and stick with oxy, brazing and Silver soldering thrown in.

Our qualified welders will weld all metals and with their expertise will give you a project second to none.

Aluminium can be welded with ease and little distortion using our new Pulse MIG welder.
Mild Steel will be welded by MIG process and we can provide full penetration or no penetration to ducting requirements.

Stainless steel can be welded by MIG or TIG depending on your requirements. We can purge weld pipes and hand passivate or have them electro polished to give a quality finish.

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“Airtight Pty Ltd have a long time business relationship history with CP Metal Fabrication in Brisbane. Their product quality is outstanding and manufacturing lead times second to none.  Suppliers like CP Metal Fabrication made possible Airtight Pty Ltd expansion in the recent years.”

Daniel Saveluc – Position, Airtight Solutions


“CP Metal Fabrication has provided quality fabrication and great support to Minco Tech Australia for over 30 years.”

Damien Good – Purchasing Manager, Minco Tech Australia